ViewMaster Design

Your new remodel design is dependent on many different factors.  The new roof, skylights, siding, doors, and windows need to be cohesive and fit within the architecture, neighborhood, styles, and colors on the home that are not changing.  Selecting the right color and texture is important because our products last as long as you live in the home and the warranty is transferrable to the next home owner.

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With proper guidance, you will increase your property value, lower your utility bills, have an easy to maintain, durable, energy-efficient home that brings health and beauty to your family and neighborhood.

Watch Katie Hartzog of Hartzog Interiors double check colors and styles.  She is available to double check all orders and is another value-added service ViewMaster offers!

The manufactures style and color options blend within their own product family fairly easily, but making them fit with your non-changing shingles, siding, trim, stone, hardware, brick, doors or windows is where the real art happens.

View any or all these options on your own home.  Complete customization and Visualization is only a call away at 260-267-0788 or sign-up here.


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