Embarq Entry Doors and Sidelites

Embarq is the most energy-efficient entry door system in the U.S. market, engineered and produced by the only door company to win the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award for Door Manufacturing. This innovative fiberglass entry door provides a U-factor of 0.10 — the lowest recorded heat conduction measurement for entry doors in the U.S.

In addition to being energy-efficient, the Embarq fiberglass entry door is durable and beautiful, available in a number of styles, finishes, glass options and custom sizes.

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View these gorgeous entry door systems, including sidelites, hand stains, hardware, designer glass, inspirations art glass and even privacy glass, and all customized for your home. Call 260-267-0788 or sign-up here. The entry system is the best of science combined with old world craftsmanship, including dovetail joinery and four hinges. It has a lifetime glass breakage and no warp warranty and a unheard of 10 year finish warranty.

Embarq FinishesApplied with care, by professionals. If you buy an entry system and finish it yourself, chances are its the first door youve ever painted or stained. At ProVia, stains are hand-applied by professional craftsmen, many who have been perfecting their work for years.

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Dura Fuse Stain Finishing System
  1. P3 Fusion -Proprietary Preparation Processes ensuring unprecedented finish durability
  2. Stain Finish -Hand-applied finish formulated exclusively for Embarq fiberglass doors
  3. UV Resistant Clear Coat -A layer of 2-part urethane, catalyst-hardened clear coat with UV inhibitors is applied
  4. Oven-Cured -Clear coat is oven-cured for lasting durability
  5. Hand-Sanded -The door is sanded, preparing the surface for the second layer of clear coat
  6. UV Resistant Clear Coat -A second layer of 2-part urethane, catalyst-hardened clear coat with UV inhibitors is applied
  7. Oven-Cured -The door is oven-cured a second time, creating a long-lasting, durable finish

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