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ProVias Endure vinyl sliding glass patio doors deliver stunning energy efficiency and meet the most stringent industry standards for storm protection, ease of entry and forced entry. Additionally, options for interior woodgrain colors and popular exterior paint colors, varying internal grid styles and patterns, and multiple choices for glass and hardware enable homeowners to customize Endure sliding patio doors to fit their own personal aesthetic.

Neopor insulated, multi-chamber vinyl profiles with 5-38 frame depth give the Endure sliding glass patio door greater thermal efficiency and increased sound abatement. Because of ProVias attention to energy efficiency in patio door construction, the Endure patio doors are ENERGY STAR certified and have been independently tested to meet strict energy efficiency standards.

Endure brand sliding glass patio doors come standard with ComforTech Warm Edge Glazing, a high-tech glass package that measurably improves thermal performancefor less heat loss, warmer glass temperatures, and reduced interior condensation.

Endure Construction
Standard features of the Endure sliding glass patio door are designed to provide high energy efficiency, ease of operation, durability and optimal security.

The Endure patio doors standard features are the details that count.

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Aeris Real Wood Interior Provides Beauty, Grace & Style with High Performance Engineered Design
Available with Oak, Cherry and Maple interiors, Aeris sliding glass patio doors provide a luxurious yet highly functional door system for your home. Aeris patio doors offer many customization opportunities, including 16 interior wood stain finishes, 16 interior paint colors and four exterior colors; many options for internal grids and internal blinds; and a wide array of decorative glass, privacy glass, and tinted glass options.

But, your real gratification comes when you discover just how well your new ProVia sliding glass patio door keeps unwanted heat and cold out of your home. Aeris components are inventively designed, and come together to create a very energy efficient patio door.

The frame and sash construction of Aeris sliding glass patio doors exceed industry standards and are tested against the most stringent requirements for air and water infiltration, wind load resistance, ease of operation, forced entry and much more.

Aeris Construction
Aeris sliding glass patio doors are designed and built to withstand the rigors of many years of operation while providing high performance in the areas of energy efficiency, air and water infiltration, wind load resistance, and forced entry.

Additionally, Aeris sliding glass patio doors require very little maintenance. The vinyl in the frame and sash resists chipping, cracking, peeling, pitting or blistering.

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