Inspirations Art Glass


Custom glass windows and door glass incorporating hand-stained designs provide an excellent opportunity for a unique exterior accent that expresses your style and adds curb appeal to your home.

Combine any of our 11 Inspirations™ Art Glass designs with one of five color palettes and your selection of door or window shapes and configurations to create your custom window or door glass design.

Each Inspirations Art Glass piece is filled by hand. The possibilities of color variations, striations and other natural effects mimic the look of stained glass and are not to be considered flaws. They are a natural characteristic of a hand-made product.


The process begins with conceptual design. Our beautiful Inspirations Art Glass styles originate from the imagination of our in-house designers.

Resin Bead

The design pattern is created on our computer software and sent to a CNC machine which applies a resin bead to the surface of the glass in one of our four stylish colors.

Color Fill

The color fill truly brings the glass to life. Five distinct color palettes are offered, empowering you to perfectly reflect the personality of you and your home. Our craftsmen hand-apply this color fill to your glass.

Our Guarantee

The resin bead and color fill are backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty and will not fade, blister or peel away from the glass.

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