Designer Shingles


Ultra-Premium Designer Roofing Shingles

Camelot Shingles

Camelot® Roofing Shingles

Uncompromising performance and timeless beauty at a fraction of the cost of expensive slate or wood shakes.

Capstone Shingles

Grand Canyon® Roofing Shingles

The ultimate choice for a rugged wood-shake look.

Glenwood Shingles

Glenwood® Roofing Shingles

Glenwood® Shingles feature a triple-layer design that will give your roof the ultra-dimensional, highly desirable look of authentic hand-cut wood shakes.


Value Collection Designer Roofing Shingles

Camelot Shingles

Camelot® II Roofing Shingles

Camelot II Shingles offer the look of the original Camelot Shingles, but at an incredibly affordable price!

Sienna Shingles

Sienna® Roofing Shingles

Classic old world elegance…at an incredibly affordable price.

Slateline Shingles

Slateline® Roofing Shingles

Bold shadow lines and tapered cut-outs create the look of slate at a fraction of the cost.

Grand Sequoia Shingles

Grand Sequoia® Roofing Shingles

Patented, extra-large shingle with unique design creates a dramatic visual impact for prestigious homes

Woodland Shingles

Woodland® Roofing Shingles

The stylish look of hand-cut European shingles—at an incredibly affordable price…



Antique Slate Camelot II

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