Designer Glass


Each piece of glass is meticulously inspected for consistency.

ProVia’s highly-skilled craftsmen assemble hand-beveled Decorative Glass accented with a variety of unique glass options by precisely cutting, mitering and soldering each component into artistically designed patterns. Decorative art glass purposefully seeks visual character through aesthetic imperfections, while maintaining structural stability. These “imperfections” mimic the hand-made custom sheet glass of centuries past. They come in the form of textural waves and striations, random seeds (air bubbles) and a variety of other natural effects.

Our Decorative Glass achieves its personality through these apparent flaws. No two sheets are ever identical. Each Decorative Glass panel is hand-made and reflects minor differences from piece-to-piece. This is characteristic of any hand-made product and adds to the charm and beauty of the product.

We continually inspect for consistency. The patterns in our Decorative Glass Series can vary in size and particular shapes, but pose no danger of spontaneous breakage or structural instability. Any patterns that are severely out of character with the glass are not accepted. Our goal is to provide the finest quality glass panels.


ProVia offers 23 hand-beveled designs of Decorative Glass that can be paired with a wide selection of entry door styles to create a custom entryway.

Click the links below to view entry door options for each decorative glass design.



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