ViewMaster Vision

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Try on a new styles and colors of roofing, siding, and trim  on your home.  Receive expert advice, peace of mind with lifetime transferrable warranties, and amazing energy efficiency .

Welcome to ViewMaster Exterior Remodeling and Design, where you can view and design your next exterior projects on your smartphone.  We offer visual representations of new designer roofs, windows, doors, grand entrances. including stain and designer glass with lifetime non-prorated, transferable warranties.


With smart phones and the e360 app, you can be your own designer on your own time.   Go ahead and change the roof, siding, trim, fascia, shake, stone, brick and even shutter styles.

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Master designing this way will also speed up the proposal and estimate process because it will provide us with the measurements.  Budgeting will be expedited right from the start, consultations can be on-site, over the phone and internet, or in the showroom.

 ViewMaster Exterior proudly serves Fort Wayne, Auburn, Columbia City, Bluffton, Decatur, South Whitely, Monroeville, North Manchester, New Haven and Huntington, IN. It starts with a phone call to 260-267-0788 or sign up here.

Free Consultation

IMG_2043 2Free In-Home *(or Remote) Inspection, Consultation & Estimate

We cam have a 360 degree digital model of your home built and save valuable measuring time and accuracy because the app uses pixels from your phone to measure the complete exterior.   You can even take the pictures yourself.  It is easy.  We will be happy to inspect and measure on site, as well.

Common problems found and resolved:  wood rot, leaks, mold, fungus, seal failure, air infilitration, bad ventilation, delaminated decking, substrate instability, insects, gutter backups, ice dams and more.


The estimate is complementary.  ViewMaster is not the cheapest nor the most expensive. Our products are hand picked to be durable, maintenance-free, energy efficient, and beautiful.  Redesign your view! Call 260-267-0788 or sign-up here and start to build a digital model of your home using your phone.  You will love the results.

We do have promotions including Military rebates on roofing and special financing offers, such as a true 12 month no interest/no payment during promotional period and simple interest 60 and 96 month plans with no pre-payment penalty.  We accept all major credit cards.  It is more affordable than you think and I hear from clients they should have done this years ago all the time!


ViewMaster Design

Your new remodel design is dependent on many different factors.  The new roof, skylights, siding, doors, and windows need to be cohesive and fit within the architecture, neighborhood, styles, and colors on the home that are not changing.  Selecting the right color and texture is important because our products last as long as you live in the home and the warranty is transferrable to the next home owner.

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With proper guidance, you will increase your property value, lower your utility bills, have an easy to maintain, durable, energy-efficient home that brings health and beauty to your family and neighborhood.

Watch Katie Hartzog of Hartzog Interiors double check colors and styles.  She is available to double check all orders and is another value-added service ViewMaster offers!

The manufactures style and color options blend within their own product family fairly easily, but making them fit with your non-changing shingles, siding, trim, stone, hardware, brick, doors or windows is where the real art happens.

View any or all these options on your own home.  Complete customization and Visualization is only a call away at 260-267-0788 or sign-up here.



ViewMaster Remodeling and Design is owed and operated by ViewMaster Designer and Inspector, Andy Diekroger, MBA.  Andy has been in sales at Key Exteriors for 6 years and really loves sharing solutions and solving problems with all the new digital applications, such as e360, GAF Remodeler, and the ProVia visualization iPad App.  For example, he will overlay gorgeous digital pictures of your new grand entrance system (frame, brick mold cladding, threshold, hinges, door style, sidelights, and transom) showing the exterior and interior, with decorative privacy art glass, caming finish, and hardware options to match the home and your style.

Andy built this boutique company around that kind of “ViewMaster Vision”  Clients that are the happiest used these tools.  We are so done with just using small swatches to make long term big picture decisions.   Key Exteriors will install all Roofing, Siding, Windows, Doors, and Gutters products for ViewMaster and offers lifetime transferrable warranties.

Key Exteriors has been in business for 15 years and operates on 821 W Coliseum Blvd.  Fort Wayne, IN 46808.  Key Exteriors won the prestigious Reader’s Choice Award for Roofing and Siding for seven years in a row! Key Exteriors  is among Qualified Remodeler Top 500 (nationwide) contractors for the last eight years in a row.

Reader’s Choice winners and Top 500 Qualified Remodeler

Take a look at the homes near you improving their view, standard of living, property value, durability, and energy efficiency.  ViewMaster Exterior Remodeling & Design services a radius of 60 miles around Fort Wayne, IN, including but not limited to Auburn, Columbia City, Bluffton, Decatur, South Whitely, Monroeville, North Manchester, New Haven, Warsaw, and Huntington, IN.